Design consultation


Design consultation and your flooring experience

One of the questions we often hear at our flooring store in Athens, AL, is, "why do I need a design consultation if I'm buying flooring?" Our answer is always the same: "Because you may end up not just buying flooring." One change often leads to another; for example, if you're changing the kitchen floor, you may end up deciding to upgrade counters, cabinets, or appliances.

When you speak with someone who knows various products, as well as the skills to turn your ideas into reality, you'll simplify, prioritize, stay focused and have a working plan for your interior design.

Design from the floor up

This is a designer motto, meaning to decide on the floor and its style and then coordinate walls and furnishings to have one cohesive look. It goes in this order: The sofa is always first because the color choices are so limited; if you wait, you may end up not being able to find something that coordinates properly with the other room items. The floor is next, and then you need to design walls and accessories around it. Choosing the right flooring isn't so easy, either. The choices are overwhelming, but the focus should always be on performance aligned with your lifestyle. It would help if you also thought about proper room transitions. The designer will keep you on track, with an eye always toward your goal.



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Staying on budget and time

Think of the designer as a project manager who will keep you on budget and ensure the deliverables come on time. What you don't want are any last-minute, surprise bills. They will go over the flooring estimate in detail, ensuring everything is covered and asking questions if something is missing.

What should you expect?

Be prepared to answer many questions, such as how you plan to use the room or have pets, kids, heavy foot traffic. The more information the designers have, the better you can be guided to the proper selection. In turn, you should also ask questions about installation preparation and warranties; this way, you'll know what each person's responsibility is. Finally, bring paint chips, fabric samples, any available photos, layouts, and design pages.

Come into Alabama Custom Flooring & Design to take advantage of our design consultation and other services, such as hardwood refinishing or custom showers. Our showroom is in Athens, AL, and we work with homeowners and businesses around: Athens, Decatur, Madison, and Huntsville. You'll be glad you came in for the information, inspiration, and free quote.