Does format matter with luxury vinyl flooring?

Does format matter with luxury vinyl flooring?

You'll find two primary format options to browse luxury vinyl tile and plank. One is tile, and the other is a plank.
Does it matter which one you choose for your home? You might find that it does, and the more you learn, the better choices you can make.

The format creates an impressive visual

Many homeowners believe that the format dictates the look, but that's not always the case. For instance, you can choose a tile format with a wood look or a plank format with a stone or tile look.

The good news is that the LVT format is for your visual preferences only. Some forms are better placed in specific-sized rooms for a more specific result.

All formats offer the same benefits

Concerning visual appeal, you can choose products that mimic wood, stone, and tile, with all the colors. You'll even find tile looks that embody more decorative looks, such as encaustic or shapes.

You'll also find impressive durability with scratch, scuff, and stain resistance. But these materials are also 100% waterproof in every room of your home.

Don't forget that durability translates into an excellent lifespan. The more durable your LVP flooring, the longer it will last, saving you money and replacement time.

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