Can luxury vinyl flooring be installed as a floating floor?

Can luxury vinyl flooring be installed as a floating floor?

One of the most popular installation techniques is the floating floor. This technique can be used for either form of this vinyl, whether luxury vinyl tile or plank.

How can a floor float?

The pieces come with a clicking mechanism. That forms a mat which then hovers over the subfloor.

No adhesives or nails are needed. The floating floor is fast and uncomplicated, so installers love it. You will, too, because that also makes installation less expensive.

Easy to move

Another significant advantage of a floating floor is that it's easy to pick up and move since it isn't attached. That's a considerable benefit if you later decide to use the tiles, often called LVT flooring, or plank pieces in another room or even want to take them with you.

Acclimation: more crucial than ever with a floating floor

This has tiny holes for the air to circulate. If the air is humid, the material will expand. Alternatively, it shrinks when the air is dry.

That can create havoc with the clicking mechanism. The slightest movement can also throw it off balance. This affects both aesthetics and performance.

Other advantages:

1. Style: All forms offer images of wood, stone, and tile, taken with high-definition photography. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and tile floors have depth, dimension, and textured looks.

We carry beautiful designs from companies like Pergo Extreme.

2. Durability: A top wear layer guards against scratches, scuffs, and dents.

3. Waterproof. It can be spilled on or submerged without consequence.

4. Low maintenance. It only needs regular sweeping and periodic mopping.

5. It can also be glued down if you prefer to have it affixed.

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